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ICAO(IATA) - Dangerous Goods Regulations Courses

Our Dangerous Goods Regulations Courses for air transport are officially approved and certified by:
- Austro Control GmbH, Vienna, Austria
- IATA International Air Transport Association (IATA Accredited Training Schools), Montreal, Canada

1) IATA - Categories of Personnel - Cat (IATA DGR Tab. 1.5.A):

Standardly we offer English courses (Initial and Refresher DGR training) for the following Categories of Personnel:

Cat 1

Shippers and persons undertaking the responsibilities of shippers, including operator´s staff acting on behalf as shippers, operator´s staff preparing dangerous goods as Company Materials (COMAT); 

Cat 3 Staff of freight forwarders involved in processing dangerous goods;
Cat 6 Operator´s and ground handling agent´s staff accepting dangerous goods;

How could you find our English DGR courses?
1)   Visit our website:,4
2)   Click on "Schulungen" on top of the website
3)   Search for "Luftverkehr (ICAO/IATA)" and click on "Erstschulungen Luftverkehr PK1/3/6" for Cat. 1/3/6 Initial DGR trainings
Search for "Luftverkehr (ICAO/IATA)" and click on "Wiederholungsschulungen Luftverkehr PK 1/3/6" for Cat. 1/3/6 Refresher DGR trainings
5)   Choose your appropriate DGR course, for the English courses you could find the description, all relevant informations and our online booking tool in English language    

2) Legal time frame for Dangerous Goods Refresher courses in air transport:

According to the national laws in Austria [Gefahrgutbeförderungsverordnung GGBV, 5. Abschnitt, § 46, (5)] it is allowed to participate on a Dangerous Goods Refresher course within the final six months of validity of previous training. After successful completion of the Refresher course, the new certificate is then valid two years counted from the expiry date of the previous certificate. With this time frame of six months before the expiry date you do not lose any day of validity.

Example 1:          Expiry date of certificate: 12.09.2015
                             Refresher course possible from: 12.03.2015
                             Expiry date of new certificate in this case: 12.09.2017

Example 2:         Expiry date of certificate: 26.02.2016
Refresher course possible from: 26.08.2015
Expiry date of new certificate in this case: 26.02.2018

In any case, the refresher training must be successfully completed latest in the month where the certificate expires. For example if a certificate has the expiry date 12.09.2015, the refresher training must be successfully completed latest at the end of September 2015.

Note:   Please do not hesitate to contact me, if you have any further questions about our IATA Dangerous Goods Courses (Mr. Thomas Veit, or per phone +43-664-3058411)   

External shipper and where applicable packer for dangerous goods shipments in air transport

On-site Check, Packing - Labeling - Marking 

  • Issuance of the "Shipper's Declaration for Dangerous Goods (DGD)" 

  • where applicable 24-Hour Emergency Contact

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